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Here's the latest CST Bibliography on Tenure, Faculty Status, and Law Librarians (as of December 05, 2007):

CST Bibliography in Wordperfect

CST Bibliography in PDF

What the Committee Needs/How to Contribute

In the CST Bibliography for many articles is the note: "abstract/summary needed". If you have access to that journal and would like to read and submit an abstract, e-mail me at bhuddle@loyno.edu (please leave the auto-generated subject line so I can flag it) and I will change that article's note to "abstract/summary pending" and when your abstract is included, I'll credit you for your contribution.

Both LISA and LLIS (and INFOSCIABS and other literature abstract databases) only include articles back to the early 1980s. Several articles include many citations to earlier literature, and there are several published bibliographies listed that have older articles. I have not started including those; if you are interested, I will gratefully take volunteers to look over these, convert them to Bluebook format and write an abstract.

Another sub-project step would be to determine how much overlap are in these different index databases. I've done that sort of thing before and it can be tedious, but if you want to help, let me know at bhuddle@loyno.edu - and thanks for the assistance!


December 5, 2007

After writing the chapter on employment status in Beyond the Books: People, Politics and Librarianship, I put aside all things tenure/status-related and except for occasional updates to the CST survey, didn't work on any of this for a while. But after two big projects have now been put to bed, I'm catching up on a few misc things like this.

April 18, 2006

Not much progress on the bibliography these days. I have been reading many of the articles and doing some further research, but that's a separate project.

February 14, 2006

I've caught up with both the Bibliography and the survey after putting it off post-Hurricane Katrina. Two new abstracts have been added (thanks to Elizabeth Adelman!!!). Everyone can feel free to contribute!!! Just let me know - email me at bhuddle@loyno.edu.

July 25, 2005

At the July 2005 Annual AALL Meeting in San Antonio, I presented the bibliography I had compiled out of my research over the past several years, and invited the other committee members as well as other interested law (and other) librarians, to contribute. Like I said at the committee roundtable, I envision this to be an on-going, collaborative, open-source bibliography, rather than a static "slice in time" bibliography to be published in some paper journal and become immediately out of date.

I began my research in May 2001 with several LISA (Library and Information Science Abstracts) searches; I used "faculty status" and "tenure" in the title fields; only later did I realize that the way that I was search LISA - using Westlaw's gateway to Dialog - let me search the Dialog descriptors, of which "academic status" is the descriptor which retrieves just about all of the articles I found.

In May 2005 I finally got around to updating my initial literature search. Of course, by then, Westlaw no longer carried LISA (it does cary INFOSCIABS, but I don't think I tried that) and I had to use our main campus' access to LLIS (Library Literature and Information Science, I believe). I used the subject field "College and university librarians--Status" and brough my earlier search up to date.

I combined these two searches, weeded out duplicates, and compiled what I considered to be the most useful look articles into the genesis of this on-going bibliography. (By "most useful", I excluded some articles returned by these searches that looked like they only tangentially dealt with faculty status and/or tenure of librarians). If an article had an abstract in the index databases, I included it. Or if if had an abstract at the start of the article, I also included it. For a handfull of others, I've started writing my own (those with the intitials "BH" after the abstract; see below for how to contribute.)


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